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We are equipped with

  • 150 LONATI 4 feed 108 needles machines
  • 50 LONATI 144 needles machines
  • 3 machines of 84 needles
  • 1 machine of 96 needles
  • Machines are capable of manufacturing all kinds of real and pouch heel

Toe Closing

Amil exports linking department is equipped with 8 conti complete machines and our per day capacity is 8000-10000 dozen.

Dye House


Amil dye house is capable of dye/bleach for all type of cotton, bamboo, nylon, and polyester socks.



The pressing department of Amil exports is equipped with automated press plants which has capacity of 8000-10000 dozen per day.


Packing & Finishing

We have in-line packing facility with per day 8000-10000 dozen. Finishing department is equipped with automated sealing and tagging machines, heat transfer machine for logo applications and anti-skid application machine monitoring by online inspections.